The Appalachian Quilt Trail

Imagine a community in the folds of the Appalachians making quilt blocks and hanging them on their barns, businesses and a railroad depot. Such a place exists in the rural areas of Eastern Tennessee. The quilt trails were designed to bring tourism into these remote areas of the state to build their economy. Barns were built by locals and decorated with wooden replicas of quilt blocks. Businesses in the area loved the concept and began decorating their spaces with wooden the heirloom quilt blocks. There are more than 750 quilt blocks decorating the landscape.

Not only are the quilts worth the trip, the towns host a variety of interesting shops, events, and attractions for the traveler. There are shops, artist studios, farmers markets, water rapid rides, biking, and one of the largest underground caves in the country to enjoy. If you are interested in a lovely summer time get away, you can check out their website at,




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  1. Travis says:

    Let’s go

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