Don’t Just Sleep On It. Make A Difference That Counts.

Making a difference in our world today is so easy. It’s as easy as being able to sew a straight line. Really. That, with a little fabric and some thread can really make a difference in someone’s life. The American Patchwork and Quilting magazine has presented a challenge to quilters or anyone who has an interest in sewing and helping others. They have come up with the lovely idea of making special pillowcases for children in foster homes, orphanages, those battling an illness, or someone in a nursing home, or our soldiers. It is called the “1 Million Pillowcase Challenge.” It’s as simple as picking out colorful happy fabrics, sewing two lines and hemming the end.

My quilt shop had a darling idea to help encourage the making of these pillowcases. They had a daytime “sleepover.” Those who participated wore their pajamas, sewed pillowcases, and had a delicious luncheon to celebrate the occasion. I wasn’t able to attend, but I did make about ten pillow cases to donate. All the pillowcases were donated to a charitable organization in South Florida named Kids In Distress. I’m sure the children who are placed in this facility loved receiving something special just for them.

If you are interested in adding your special touch to this wonderful endeavor, go to The website will give you the free simple pattern that must be used, a video to view, a list of shops or charities around the country where you can deliver your pillowcases, and photos to give you some inspiration. As of today 410,060 pillowcases have been donated. Why not add to that number to help reach the goal of one million. Remember, when you give everyone is a winner, including you. Happy sewing!

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