Gifts From The Heart

My family has a way of finding the best Christmas presents from the heart.   This year was no exception.  My husband shopped for presents for me and surprised me with some beautiful tops.  Many husbands don’t even try to go into the women’s department of a store to search for clothing for their wives.  I’m proud of my husband for braving the mass of clothing in our Macys.

My sons and daughter-in-law are always thinking of the special gifts for us.   This year was one of the best.  Eric and Travis went to Micanopy, where “Doc Hollywood” was filmed.  The town is very old and quaint and has a slew of antique stores to peruse.  They found a beautiful cameo for me, knowing I love them.  The owner of the shop actually kissed it goodbye and said, “You’ll have a good home.”  Eric took the time to think of songs which brought back memories of each of us.  Mine were the songs I sang to his brother and him when they were little.  He wrote a lovely list of these songs and explained their meaning, then he made a CD of the songs for me to listen to.  Mine were songs like “Me And My Shadow,”  “Down By The Old Mill Stream,” and “Mares Eat Oats . . .”

Travis found a beautiful music box.  The company allowed the purchaser to record whatever music they wanted the box to play.   The song Travis chose for mine is one of my most favorite songs.  It’s actually a song he wrote for one of their albums, entitled “Learning By Musical Montage.”  The song has the same title.  Tears, tears and more tears came to my eyes as I received each of these beautiful gifts.

My lovely daughter-in-law, Stacie, wrote me a touching note for my birthday, which is the day after Christmas and gave me a book a friend of hers wrote.  She has a copy too.   We’ll both read the book and discuss what it meant to us.

Of all the gifts we receive for Christmas, the ones that mean the most are gifts from the heart.   I hope you received a few of those too and had a very Merry Christmas.

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