My Mother

Hi. I haven’t been posting for quite a while. Mostly because Word Press causes me great frustration when trying to post my pictures. Since Mother’s Day is approaching I thought I’d add a post about the beautiful soul who was my mom. As I think back on our time together, she was pretty awesome. She took care of her four children and husband, cooking three meals a day, washing clothes, ironing, cleaning the house, and tending to our needs on a daily basis. I can count on one hand the times our family went out to dinner, other than our long drive to Pennsylvania to visit our family. Even then, my parents would stop at a grocery store, buy food, and we would have a picnic on the side of the road. In those days, picnic tables were placed as rest stops in many places.

When I was in first grade, I had to go to a private school, Palm Manor, here in Hollywood. At that time, our neighborhood school was being built, and the public school I would have to attend was not suitable for a “nice little girl” like me. At the end of the year, Palm Manor would have a large event at the Hollywood Beach Hotel. All the students would attend along with their parents. We were all suited up with “dates” that the teacher hand picked. It was a formal event. My mother had to make my dress. You can see the time and effort she lovingly put into her one and only creation for me. I can still remember feeling like a princess.

Now on to my date. His name is Reed Miller. Yes, folks, I can still remember his name. I think the teacher must have had a real sick sense of humor, because if you look at both of our ears you’ll see why. I often think, “Did Reed ever grow into his ears?” I definitely did not and had them fixed about thirty years ago. Even though, I think we were a dashing couple. By the way, all the first graders had to learn the Mexican Hat Dance and perform at the event. You can only imagine. The parents must have been laughing their heads off.

I have an eternal amount of appreciation for my mother. She was always there for me throughout her life. You may think I’m crazy, but I still can feel her with me every day. Now that’s love.



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  1. Darlene Day Sam says:

    Your so sweet Kathy!!

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