Christmas Treasures

20131221-102950.jpgChristmas treasures.   We all have them.  You know, you open the box of ornaments, and there’s the one your mother gave you when you were a child.   Here are the ones made for us when the children were in elementary school.  We have quite a few Christmas treasures in our home.  Every year my husband and I laugh our heads off at the ornaments our sons made for us in 3k nursery school.  Glued in the middle of each ornament is a picture of our sons taken by their teacher.   Eric was very serious and stern in his picture, which is very funny because he was such a happy child.   Travis forgot to put on his lips for his picture, so he looks quite silly.  I must say at this point, Travis loves to make faces, even now, when his picture is taken.

I have a box of Christmas pins that I usually remember about a week before Christmas arrives.   In that box, are a few store bought pins, but the pins that I adore and put on the most are the ones my sons made for me.  One year we bought them fimo clay.  Well, they had a ball creating with this not so easy to use clay.  That year, I was gifted with the most beautiful Christmas pins which I still wear to this day.  Some of the clay has chipped off over the years, but I don’t care.  When I think of the excitement they felt when designing their gifts to me, it still fills my heart.  I can even remember receiving them.

Christmas time is a great time to reflect on all of our treasures.  To me the greatest treasures I have are held in my heart for those I love and cherish.  My memories of beautiful Christmases as a child of my parents and as a parent of my children are counted as blessings in my life.  I hope you have a Merry Christmas filled with treasures and love.

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